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Slatwall Panels

Slatwall Panels

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Slatwall Panels
Slatwall Panels

We are confident that you will find ESSI Store Fixtures a wise choice for Slatwall Panels in the US, Canada, and Mexico.

Along with Hooks and Brackets we can also provide Slatwall Panels in many different colors, configurations, and styles.  We have all of the popular and affordable Melamine Coverings such as Black, White, Gray, Almond, and even Wood Grain finishes also.  If you prefer HPL, Formica, Laminate, or even Wilson Art coverings can be provided also.  Wilson Art is known as a manufacturer of high end design patterns for wood products such as Slatwall Displays and Wall Panels for higher end applications.

Melamine Slatwall Panels

Quite possibly the most durable, affordable, and attractive wood panel covering on the market today.  The melamine is available in most colors and patterns available for wooden panels


Slatwall Manufacturing

The typical panel size starts out as a 4' high X 8' wide piece of raw plywood made out of what is known ad pressboard.  Our manufacturing plant then takes the raw pressboard panel, applies an attractive covering, and cuts the grooves into the panel.  The panels are also available with out a covering for customers that would like to apply their own finish such as paint.

Store Layout

The wall is one overlooked aspect when planning a store layout.  This is where Slatwall Panels can transform your low end store into a higher end store, with the look of affordable Slatwall Panels applied to your existing walls.  As you can see from this website we have many attractive hooks, brackets, and accessories available for Slatwall.

Panel Applications

These panels can meet the needs of most applications with what is known as a Cross Cut.  A Cross Cut Panel has the slats cut into the panel the short way or the 4' way, making the panel attach to the wall in the 8' high X 4' wide instead of the more traditional 4' high X 8' wide.  We can also be pre-cut the panels in many sizes also.

If you are in need of Slatwall Panels please call (800) 619-9566 for a fast and accurate quote today.

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Slatwall Panels